Cleanpart’ner, particle trackers who answer to each specific need for Cleanliness in manufacturing. Answers on extraction means of the contamination, response on each procurement step on components cleanliness.


From the design to the reception of each bench, Cleanpart'ner controls the whole production line of its machines. Cutting, welding, polishing, assembly, adjustment, connection are carried out within its factory by men of the art. Before delivering a unit, these one is tested, validated and cleaned by particle trackers, which makes it a unique piece.

Unique process

As the centerpiece of an extraction bench, the rinsing enclosure of our machines is shaped like a unique ovoid: it has been studied by Cleanpart'ner design office to minimize as much as possible particle retention. Its super polished mirror surface and rounded curves make it the most complete enclosure on the market.


From DSS1 to DSS6 (our extraction measurement enclosure more than 2 m x 1.5 m!), Our range of cleanliness cabinet usually meets the needs of companies, small businesses, medium business companies or industrial groups.

But what Cleanpart’ner especially likes, it is to take up challenges and answering to each specific need, thanks to the unique know-how of its teams.


Cleanliness in manufacturing is now essential in industrial sectors that affect rolling machines, floating, flying, such as automotive, aeronautics, naval aviation ...marine

They concern not only large industrial groups but also their subcontractors of all ranges.

The specifications are more and more complex and sophisticated and can generate many questions about the processes and manufacturing tools and the expected cleanliness level target.

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